ADwin-Gold with D-Sub connectors

The ADwin-Gold system with D-SUB has D-SUB sockets and connectors for all digital and analog channels, while the rest of the system is identical in construction with the standard version. The system is connected to the PC or notebook via integrated Ethernet or USB interfaces like the standard system.

The ADwin-Gold is installed in a compact metal enclosure. This allows flexible usage of the system, for instance as desktop unit, in 19" enclosures or as a portable system with a notebook. With its 12 V power supply it can easily be used for measurements in cars.

ADwin-Gold D-Sub

Performance features

  • CPU: SHARC-DSP, 32 bit, 256 kB DSP-RAM, floating point arithmetics, Analog Devices
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Ethernet interface (10/100Mbit/sec, TCP/IP) or USB for communication with the PC
  • 16 analog inputs 14 bit 0.5µs or 16 bit 5 µs
  • 2 or 8 analog outputs 16 bit
  • 32 configurable digital I/O's
  • internal timer
  • trigger input
  • D-sub connectors for all channels

Hardware options

  • 4 configurable 32-bit counters in pulse, up/down or period counter mode, PWM inputs
  • 64 MB RAM
  • CAN interface, serial (RSxxx) interface and SSI decoders

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