Comparator module Pro-Comp-16 for ADwin-Pro

The comparator Module Pro-Comp-16 for ADwin-Pro is a 16-channel, digital comparator input board. On this module all switching thresholds for rising and falling edges are individually adjusted for each channel, within a wide input voltage range. A hysteresis guarantees a precise switching, even if you have noisy signals. The signals of all channels are acquired parallel with a resolution of 50ns (20MHz). An additional monitoring of the analog behavior of the input signals allows a comfortable adjustment of the switching thresholds during initialization of a system.

ADwin Pro Comp16

The board is also available with counters and comparator inputs. Contrary to a mere counter board with digital inputs, you can count here pulses with predefined heights, widths and areas. The Pro-Comp-16 module is also available in customized versions.

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Performance features

  • 16 channels, single-ended
  • 16 comparators with individually selectable switching thresholds
  • Input voltage range: -2V ... +8V; optionally up to 60 V
  • Hysteresis adjustable for noise suppression
  • Optionally available: customized preprocessing in on-board FPGA
    • specific counter functions
    • counters for defined pulse types

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