ADwin-Pro: Bus System Modules

Communication in all directions

ADwin-Pro modules work with various different bus systems and serial interfaces. An ADwin-Pro system can simultaneously send messages and data via RS232, control devices via CAN bus, and control a test stand.

The following interfaces are available

  • Pro-RS232-x: 2 or 4 RS-232
  • Pro-RS422-x: 2 or 4 RS-422
  • Pro-RS485-x: 2 or 4 RS-485
  • Pro-CAN-x: 1 or 2 CAN buses, low-speed or high-speed
  • Pro-LS-2: 2 interfaces to a bi-directional serial bus with 5MHz clock rate, runs with module HSM-24V which processes 24 Volt signals.
  • Pro-Profi-DP-SL: Profibus with slave interface
  • Pro-Inter-SL: Interbus with slave interface
  • More Fieldbus interfaces on request

Please, request further information here.

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