ADwin-Pro - flexible and modular

The modular system

Depending on the task, the number of inputs/outputs and the interface are configured. As desktop system for the laboratory, as portable system in vehicles or as system for control enclosures, the ADwin-Pro system always provides an adequate solution.

The most important part of the system is the processor module with a SHARC-DSP from Analog Devices. The processor is responsible for the complete measurement data acquisition, online processing and output of new values. The system is connected via Ethernet or USB interface to a computer or notebook.

A wide variety of input and output modules and enclosure designs allow the universal use of the system. Due to its modular design, components with several hundred analog and digital inputs and outputs can be used. Several processors per system are responsible for data acquisition and online evaluation. Memory expansions for vast data quantities are available.

The following modules are available:

For all modules cable and adapter sets are available.

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