ADwin-Pro II: Counter Modules

Counter modules for fast digital signals

The ADwin-Pro II counter modules can be used for connecting incremental encoders, for event counting, or for the analysis of pulse width modulated signals.

  • Universal counter modules, individually configurable 32 -bit counter for the following modes
    • pulse or event counter
    • PWM analysis, pulse width measurement
    • incremental encoder inputs clock / direction or A / B with 4-edge-evaluation
    • 2 SSI inputs, 5 V differential (RS-422) additionally on differential version
  • Module variants according to input signals:
    • Pro II-Cnt-T: TTL signals
    • Pro II-Cnt-D: 5 V differential (RS-422)
    • Pro II-Cnt-I: optically isolated 5 V / 12 V / 24 V
  • Freely programmable TiCo processor e. g. for preprocessing of complex timing signals.

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