Our customers in the domains of testing, R&D and production as well as our project engineers combine mechanics, electronics and information technology to design solutions with ADwin.

Drive-by-WireComponent test stands - for reliable products

X-by-Wire systems, engine mountings, shock absorbers, clutch disks, gearboxes, engine control units, hydraulic valves, springs, relais, sensors, actuators, potentiometers, semiconductors or electric motors are being tested with ADwin.

Engine test standsEngine test stands - data acquisition and control with angular synchronism

Engine manufacturers use ADwin for the analysis of combustion engines. The optimization of the fuel-injection and combustion processes increasly demands shorter and shorter reaction times.

vibration test standVibration test stands - determination of dynamic characteristics

ADwin generates waveforms, runs force and position feedback controls, evaluates amplitude and phase and monitors threshold values in single- and multi-axes vibration test stands in the automotive and aviation industry.

Laser beam controlInnovative production methods - developing online

ADwin executes the time critical control and data acquisition tasks for laser and electron beam welding, control and online correction of weld quality, surface refinement with electron beam vaporizers, laser engraving, molecular beam epitaxy

MicroscopeMicroscopy - all-in-one data acquisition, open-loop and closed-loop control

The ADwin system precisely controls the measuring head by driving servo and stepping motors. The exact positioning has been proven within scanning tunneling, electron beam, laser and force microscopes e. g. in single molecule spectroscopy.

productionProduction test stands - a safe investment

The PC becomes a reliable component for your measuring, testing or automization system in the production line by running the real-time task on ADwin. 100%-tests with ADwin always are a safe investment.

Research and educationEducation, research and development - from simulation to reality

ADwin allows the implementation of signal generators for electron beams, laser and high voltage pulsers as well as feedback controls and digital filtering with sampling rates up to 500 kHz. ADwin is used for the hardware-in-the-loop simulation of sensors and dynamic systems or for the adaptive track data generation. In education, students get familiar with a state of the art industry product.

Worldwide, several thousand dynamic test stands and production lines are powered by ADwin.

Industries with ADwin

  • Automotive
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Laser & Electron Beam Control
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Research & Develpoment
  • Education and Training

Functions with ADwin

  • Intelligent Data Acquisition
  • Digital PID Feedback Control
  • Signal Generators: Sinus, Ramp, Noise, Sweep, Pulse, Step
  • Dynamic characteristics evaluation
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop
  • Digital Filtering
  • Complex Trigger Conditions
  • Min/Max, Average, RMS
  • Statistics, Correlations
  • Integrals, Derivatives
  • FFT, Amplitude and Phase Response