ADwin-X-A20, standard version

ADwin-X-A20 was developed as a module for applications in series products. It offers compact performance and numerous interfaces. ADwin-X-A20 is the basis for your OEM applications and can be adapted to the requirements of your series.
ADwin-X-A20 is housed in a robust metal housing, suitable for installation in a control cabinet or as a portable device.

ADwin-X-A20, block diagram

Choosing standard version as well as additional options, ADwin-X-A20 can be quickly integrated into small and large series productions. A processor similar to the ADwin-Pro II, system is used, which provides high computing power and a lot of memory.

The real-time programs are developed with ADbasic or from a Simulink model (ADsim).

Standard version

  • CPU: XILINX ZYNQ™ with Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9, 64-Bit FPU (double precision), 32 Bit Integer, 666 MHz, 1 Gigabyte main memory for code and data
  • Ethernet interface (1000 Mbit/sec) for PC communication
  • 8 analog inputs 18 Bit, 5 µs, ±10V
  • 2 analog outputs 16 Bit, ±10V;
    2 outputs comparator threshold 12 Bit
  • 8 TTL digital channels, switchable in groups of 4 as inputs/outputs
  • 1 trigger input (Event), pos. TTL logic
  • serial LS-bus interface for module HSM-24V
  • Dimensions: 215 × 125 × 47 mm

Ordering options

    ADwin-X-A20, Option for 19" rack
  • Casing for 19" rack
  • 8 analog inputs 18 bit, synchronous sampling, conversion time 1,25 µs (1 channel) to 5 µs (8 channels)
  • 2 counter blocks each with up/down counter and PWM counter (32 bit each); counters in pairs with TTL / differential / comparator inputs
    Counters can be used as event counter, period duration meaurement, up/down counter as incremental encoder input (A/B) or analysis of PWM signals.
  • 1 SSI interface
  • 32 TTL digital channels, 8 differential, 12 comparator;
    monitor edge inputs, control edge output
  • 2 CAN interfaces (high speed), 1 RS232 interface
  • 1 Fieldbus: Profibus / Profinet-IRT / EtherCAT
  • Bootloader for stand-alone operation

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You will find the ADwin-X-A20 options in our Product Overview (PDF pdf, 930 kB)