TiCo in the Virtex-FPGA
TiCo processor:
Exact to the nanosecond

Jitter free I/O access in nanosecond steps with the TiCo processor

Shortest available reaction time for fast data acquisition, open- and closed-loop control! This focus of Jäger Messtechnik is greatly intensified by the new TiCo processor, which enables real-time processing in the scale of nanoseconds. The TiCo (Timing Controller) being implemented into a Xilinx FPGA enhances the approved ADwin systems (with a T11 or T12 processor) by a close-to-I/O, extremely fast pre-processing.

The freely programmable TiCo processor is optimized to execute I/O accesses in a single clock cycle completely and jitter-free–where a clock cycle takes 10 nanoseconds only, with TiCo2 version even only 5 nanoseconds. Thus TiCo arises to the ideal complement of the Xilinx main processor of the ADwin systems.

The proximity to hardware I/Os enables Tico perfectly to create complex timing and trigger signals, to simulate interfaces, control devices, and sensors or to create digital signal patterns.

Nanosecond real-time–freely programmable with TiCobasic

TiCo processor for ADwin-Gold II
ADwin-Gold II
with TiCo processor

Like ADbasic is the key to the main processors of the ADwin systems, the TiCo processor is being programmed comfortably and fast in TiCoBasic.

TiCoBasic is easy to learn by its BASIC like syntax. The up-to-date development environment will support you intuitively and professionally, both in programming and in developing of a process. As an example the values of global variables of a running process are displayed in window of the development environment and can be changed online.

The built-in cross compiler generates and downloads the binary real-time files to the TiCo processor. Program changes can be easily done in a few seconds. The efficient working with TiCoBasic considerably reduces the effort for realizing your ideas.

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ADwin hardware with TiCo2 processor:

ADwin hardware with TiCo processor: