ADwin combines real-time data with your graphical user interface. The PC accesses the data on the ADwin system directly and indenpendently from the available hardware interface. Thus, ADwin permits the connection of completely different process levels.

Connecting Operators and PlantsOperators and plants

Operators must quickly get a clear overview about the state of the plant they are responsible for to make necessary decisions in time. An individual graphical user interface helps by directly displaying relevant information and providing the specific operating functions.

Connecting Production Lines and databasesProduction lines and databases

The Ethernet interface allows ADwin to be integrated directly into production networks. Multiple PC's can access the ADwin system simultaneously. This creates an easy way to exchange information with databases or to provide user interfaces via a web server. These interfaces can be used from any PC in the network with standard browser software. In case only ADwin data is required the web server runs directly on the ADwin system.

Connecting Developers and Test StandsDevelopers and test stands

Usually, the time behaviour of a test stand can only be identified by working close to the installation. During all phases of project implementation, developers need the possibility to make changes and see their result immediately. While offering the capability of being accessed with various tools or programs at a time, ADwin interconnects the developer with the test stand's real time data. Like a window, ADwin allows a deep insight into the performance of an installation.

Connecting Real-Time and Bus SystemsReal-time and bus systems

In process automation ADwin acquires fast analog and digital signals and in the same time communicates with devices via field buses such as CAN, DeviceNet, Profibus, RS-232/485, LIN or SPI. With its short reaction time, ADwin is able to acquire and analyze the time coherence of different types of signals online.

Connecting Sensors and ActuatorSensors and actuators

Also without using a PC, ADwin connects sensors with actuators: ADwin hardware acquires and processes the physical parameters of your installation and transfers the results to the coresponding actuators e.g. in closed-loop control applications.

ADwin interconnects

  • Operators and Plants
  • Production Lines and databases
  • Developers and Test Stands
  • Real-Time and Bus Systems
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Windows and Real-Time
  • Project and Success

Ethernet, CAN Bus, Interbus, Profibus, PLC