The ADwin system is based on a clearly structured job sharing for an optimal use of ADwin and the PC. Our consistent interface concept contains a straight-forward connection of the ADwin systems to the PC. To the developer, ADwin just appears as a real-time development tool under Windows. This makes ADwin comfortable and future-proof and allows the independent further development of both components.

Test benches that have been equipped with ADwin can easily be modified or modernized because our concept makes it easy to adapt new PC operating systems or replace the real-time hardware. No changes in existing graphical user interfaces are necessary for further use.

For operation, a standard PC just is enough. ADwin ships with corresponding drivers to integrate into various standard software packages. Write your real-time solution by using our easy-to-learn high level language ADbasic.

ADwin is MORE Simply more Real-Time

ReData acquisition, open and closed-loop control with ADwin

  • clear job sharing
  • simple solutions
  • comfortable use
  • fast applications
300 ns reaction time