ADwin combines fast real-time processing with an individual graphical user interface on your PC consequently and future-proof.

The combination of the ADwin system with its optimized software package offers a powerful development environment for real-time applications for operation in the microsecond range to you. We provide you with ADbasic for the programming of your real-time processes. The communication to the PC and the interconnection to your graphical user interface is comfortably made available by our DLL and ADwin drivers.

With ADwin, you just focus on writing the solution of your real-time task in ADbasic and programming your graphical user interface. This enables you to precisely estimate the scope even of challenging projects and to deliver within the agreed time.

The ADwin system executes all tasks that have to run fast, deterministically and with exactly predictable time behaviour, e.g.:

  • data acquisition with chronological and angular synchronism
  • Signal generation for laser and electron beam deflection and control
  • Closed-loop control of motion axes with force and position feedback

Continue working with your standard PC and benefit from the standard functionalites of the operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS:

  • Visualization, operation, data storage and back-up, use of databases
  • Network connectivity via Ethernet / TCP/IP
  • Real-time development and debugging, interactive testing with ADtools

The ADwin Concept

ADwin Software ADwin interconnects ADwin Hardware ADwin Hardware ADwin interconnects

ADwin Concept

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