Modern cars use X-By-Wire technology

Sensors to determine driver's intention and to check system conditions are elementary components of today's cars mechatronic systems. In all motion systems, position sensors are of central importance.

Kontaktloses Gaspedal im Auto

More and more, contactless sensor solutions are used to increase reliability and availability of mechatronic systems. The inductive measuring principle has proven to be highly suitable for this type of applications.

With this technology, the momentary position of accelerators, throttles, leveling systems or turbochargers are reliably determined also under difficult enivronment conditions.

Analog, digital, CAN - ADwin keeps the overview

The use of the various signal outputs provided by the position sensors dependends on the measuring task or the manufacturer. Analog (ratiometric, current, voltage) and digital (PWM) signals as well as CAN bus interfaces come into service. The synchronicity of the information on all outputs and interfaces is a key criteria in production and development.

Inside the test environment, ADwin controls a stepping motor for the set point positioning and simultaneously acquires the reference position by an incremental encoder as well as all signal outputs of the sensor under test. ADwin evalutates e.g. the time relation between the arrival of a CAN message, an analog signal output and the reference position value and checks for compliance with the specified values. The PC can access the results on the ADwin system for further analysis and data logging.

Best Quality with ADwin

The strictly deterministic functioning principle with response times as short as 300 ns ensures no information getting lost in testing X-By-Wire components. Since programming in ADbasic is easy, customers quickly gain a clear insight into their components under test.

ADwin creates the transparency you need for clear quality statements.

Industries with ADwin

  • Automotive
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Laser & Electron Beam Control
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Research & Develpoment
  • Education and Training

Functions with ADwin

  • Intelligent Data Acquisition
  • Digital PID Feedback Control
  • Signal Generators: Sinus, Ramp, Noise, Sweep, Pulse, Step
  • Dynamic characteristics evaluation
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop
  • Digital Filtering
  • Complex Trigger Conditions
  • Min/Max, Average, RMS
  • Statistics, Correlations
  • Integrals, Derivatives
  • FFT, Amplitude and Phase Response