ADwin-Pro II - flexible and modular

ADwin-Pro II is the flagship system of the ADwin hardware family. Using the computing power of the processors T12 and T11 as well as the data transmission capacity of the Pro II bus, the system sets standards. At the same time, the integrated Pro I bus (only with processor T11) ensures the use of modules from the ADwin-Pro family.

  • The new processor module T12 (XILINX ZYNQ™ with Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9) provides high performance using 1 GHz clock rate, 1 GB memory, and a 64-bit FPU (double precision) for float calculations.
  • The processor module T11 is equipped with the TigerSharc© ADSP-TS101S from Analog Devices. With 300 MHz clock rate, 768 kB local memory, and 256 MB RAM, the processor has impressive power. Additionally, the processor features a floating point unit with 40-bit resolution.
  • The Ethernet interface of the processors enables data transmission from the Pro II system to the PC at 1000 Mbps.
  • The bus bandwidth of up to 200 MByte/s considerably increases the capacity of the internal data traffic between the processor module and the Pro II input/output modules.

View inside Pro II-System

Black module rails for the Pro modules, white module rails for the new Pro II modules. The T11 processor is plugged into the central slot and assures the best access to all modules.

Pro II is compatible

While offering a tremendous increase in performance the ADwin-Pro II still remains compatible to ADwin-Pro modules. Since the new Pro II bus and the ADwin Pro bus are working on the backplane side by side, all existing input and output modules can be used.

Data exchange with the PC is also completely compatible, all interfaces (for VB, Matlab, etc.) can be used as usual. Your ADbasic source codes can all be used as well. Only minor changes are necessary and approved algorithms profit from the higher processor speed.

Real-time for complex applications

The high transfer speed of the new Pro II series allows data logger applications with high data rates. With the fast T11 processor relevant data can be pre-selected, mathematical channel functions or digital filtering are possible.

All new Pro II modules are running synchronously via the Pro II bus. This enables a user to carry out synchronized permanent measurements with several modules without the necessity for special software.

The ADSP processor executes complicated calculations in the shortest time possible; in only 1 µs the processor manages up to fifty ADbasic program lines. Even the response times are extremely short, so that open and closed-loop processes are reliably carried out on the T11 processor with cycle frequencies of far more than 1 MHz.

19 inch racks for all purposes

ADwin-Pro II is available in a diversity of rugged enclosures for various applications: As desktop unit for the laboratory, as field system or as system for control enclosure assembly.

5-16 slots and a wide variety of different modules form the ideal and flexible basis for fast real-time applications.

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