The use of ADwin with Linux

Under Linux (up from kernel 2.4), ADwin functions can be used in all programming languages allowing to link dynamic libraries. With our ADwin drivers, you obtain direct access to communication and data exchange with your ADwin system. Ethernet is available as hardware interface.

Graphical user interfaces on the PC

Linux offers a huge variety of software tools and development environments for designing graphical user interfaces. Choose the GNU Compiler Collection or toolkits like Trolltech's Qt, Gimp etc. ADwin supports the script languages PHP and Python. Also with LabVIEW for Linux you are able to operate ADwin systems. The platform independent programming language Java commuicates via the Ethernet interface with ADwin.


Trolltech's toolkit to design graphical user interfaces for applications in C++.


With the Gimp toolkit you program graphical user interfaces for applications in C.

gnu compiler collectionGCC

Choose your preferred programming language from the Gnu Compiler Collection.


Write your scripts to connect your ADwin system to web services.


Python is an easy-to-use, object-oriented and platform independent script language with a large functional scope. Scripts for ADwin also run on other platforms without changes.


Communication and data exchange with ADwin are done by VIs. The functional scope is identical with the Windows version.

Development of real-time processes for ADwin under Linux

Use your preferred text editor (e.g. Emacs, vi) to write ADwin real-time processes. The generation of the binary files for the ADwin hardware is achieved by our command line ADbasic compiler.

The real-time development environments ADbasic and TiCoBasic are only available under Windows. Nevertheless, completely developed real-time processes can then be directly used under Linux.

Your programming tools:

  • Qt
  • GTK
  • GCC
  • Java
  • PHP
  • LabVIEW

ADwin und Linux


Download the current software package for ADwin under Linux (and Mac OS).