Versatile, precise and fastADwin-Gold III

The ADwin-Gold III is a high-capacity compact real-time system. The performance charac­teristics of the basic version are:

  • 1 GHz computing power with the T12 processor (XILINX ZYNQ)
  • Enough memory in any case: 1 GB RAM
  • Ethernet interface 1 GBit/s
  • 2 × 8 analog inputs with 18 Bit ADC via multiplexer
    2 analog outputs, each with 16 Bit ADC
  • 32 TTL digital channels, configurable as inputs or outputs
    4 differential digital channels
  • Input for external Event signals
  • Interface for a serial bus, see HSM-24V module for 24 Volt signals
  • Synchronizable with other Gold III devices
  • Instant triggering of selected actions (synchronous) by a digital signal, e. g. conversion of analog inputs or output of digital levels

You can upgrade the basic version of ADwin-Gold III upon order with a large number of options:

  • Synchronously convert up to 16 analog input (instead of single conversion), conversion rate 800 kHz, amplification adjustable
  • 4 or 8 analog outputs, 16 Bit, update rate 1 MHz
  • Additional digital channels
    • 6 digital inputs, TTL
    • 6 digital inputs, comparator
    • 12 digital inputs, differential
    • 4 digital inputs, optically isolated, 24 V
    • 4 digital outputs, Transistor
  • Edge control for digital inputs
  • automatic edge output for digital outputs
  • 9 counter blocks, each with one 32 Bit upward/downward counter and one PWM counter (pulse width modulation). The counters of a block run independently from each other.
    • 4 counter blocks, differential inputs
    • 1 counter block, optically isolated inputs
    • 2 counter blocks, TTL inputs
    • 2 counter blocks, comparator inputs
  • 4 SSI decoders for incremental encoders
  • 6 PWM outputs (TTL compatible), reference clock 50  MHz, duty-cycle resolution 32 bit
  • Buses and interfaces
    • 1 RS232 / RS485
    • 2 CAN high speed / low speed
    • Profibus (Slave)
    • Profinet-IO (Slave), with copper or fiber optics connectors
    • EtherCAT (Slave)
    • Ethernet/IP (Slave)
  • Bootloader

With its compact metal enclosure ADwin-Gold III can be used in various applications, either as desktop unit, in control cabinets, or with a notebook as mobile system. The 9 to 28 V power supply range is both suitable for in-vehicle measurements and automation applications.

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Block Diagram of ADwin-Gold III
Block Diagram of ADwin-Gold III

You will find the ADwin-Gold III options in our product overview (PDF pdf, 930 kB)