The ADwin-hardware consists of a dedicated real-time processor, fast analog and digital inputs and outputs and a communicational link to the PC. Together with our lean mulitasking real-time operating system, ADwin guarantees the fast and deterministic processing of your measurement values by means of short task switching times and high calculation speed. ADwin reacts both on the internal clock as well as on external trigger signals connected to the Event input with microsecond accuracy.

ADwin Hardware

The configuration of the ADwin inputs and outputs and the interfaces as well as the time behaviour of the real-time processes are defined in ADbasic. Your solutions get well adapted to your application requirements and still leave you the possibility to evolve with specification changes.

ADwin interfaces

  • Analog In- and Outputs up to 50 MHz
  • Digital In- and Outputs for TTL and 24 V
  • Event Input for external Trigger signals
  • Counter Inputs for incremental Encoders, PWM, 4-Edge Evaluation
  • Ethernet / USB to PC
  • CAN, Profibus, LIN
  • PC-Card
  • Inputs for Temperature Sensors
  • Customer specific Solutions
  • Stand-alone Systems with Bootloader
  • Memory Expansion