Linux, Mac OS

The current software package for Linux and Mac OS contains:

  • Support of kernel up from version 2.6 for ADwin devices with Ethernet interface
  • Support of MAC OS X 10.12 (with XCode 8.2) for ADwin devices with Ethernet interface
  • Improved library functions

Download the software package for the operation of ADwin devices under Linux or Mac OS.

Content Files

ADwin Linux / Mac Library (shared library)
Configuration tool ADconfig

Compiler for ADbasic 6 (Linux only)

Drivers and examples for C, LabView, and Python

Current documentation for hardware and software

(ca. 60 MB, 2024-04-25)

Overview of previous versions

Previous versions


Unpack ADwin-linux.tar.gz and open the file Linux_eng.pdf. Follow the installation procedure.

Python Module

The current version of the Python module can also be found in the Python Package Index. Installation with $ pip install adwin, Upgrade with $ pip install adwin --upgrade.

For further questions, please contact

There is more information about ADwin and Linux.