ADwin-Gold II
From ADwin-Gold to ADwin-Gold II

Powerful and precise

The ADwin-Gold II is a high-capacity compact real-time system. The performance characteristics of the basic version are:

  • 10 times more computing power than ADwin-Gold with the processor ADSP TS101S at 300 MHz
  • More memory: 768 kB CPU-internal RAM, 256 MB DRAM
  • Higher resolution: 2 × 18 bit ADC with 8 analog inputs each via multiplexer
  • FIFO memory at the digital inputs for fast detection of rising and falling edges with 100 MHz event counter
  • 2 analog outputs, 16 bit, 32 digital I/Os (TTL)
  • Interface for a serial bus, see HSM-24V module for 24 Volt signals
  • Ethernet interface 1 Gbit/s

Exact Timing = TiCo

Equipped as standard with the supplementary TiCo processor, the ADwin-Gold II fulfills highest timing requirements. Via a separate bus, the self-contained and freely programmable TiCo has access to all inputs, outputs and interfaces. Independently and extremely precisely, the TiCo generates and processes signal patterns down to the nano second range for component testing and interface simulation.

The ADwin-Gold II is available with a large number of options. Each interface group has a separate connector.

  • 4 counters with 32 bit resolution
  • 4 or 8 analog outputs, 16 bit
  • 6 PWM outputs (TTL compatible), reference clock 50  MHz, duty-cycle resolution 32 bit
  • 4 SSI decoders for incremental encoders
  • 2 RS232 / RS485 interfaces
  • 2 CAN interfaces high or low speed
  • Profibus DP (Slave)
  • DeviceNet (Slave)
  • EtherCAT (Slave)
  • Ethernet/IP (Slave)
  • 16 GB flash memory, real-time clock
  • Bootloader

With its compact metal enclosure ADwin-Gold II can be used in various applications, either as desktop unit, in control cabinets, or with a notebook as mobile system. The 9 to 28 V power supply range is both suitable for in-vehicle measurements and automation applications.

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Block Diagram of ADwin-Gold II
Block Diagram of ADwin-Gold II

You will find the ADwin-Gold II options in our product overview (PDF pdf, 930 kB)