Fast computer-controlled measurement data acquisition with ADwin hardware

Select the system according to your requirements:

The ADwin product families differ in performance as well as in the number of inputs and outputs. Click here to download our Product Overview (PDF pdf, 910 kB).

Working efficiently with ADwin software

  • ADbasic: The development environment for all ADwin systems
  • ADsim: Makes your Simulink® model run on ADwin
  • ADtools: The popular tools for easy operation
  • ADwin Services: We provide turnkey software solutions with comfortable user interfaces

We help you to cope with difficult applications and we provide our knowledge to develop up-to-date solutions. Customized trainings in accordance with your applications are also available for the whole area of measurement, open and closed-loop control techniques.

Use our supportive ADwin Software

ADwin-Pro II

ADwin-Pro II: Flexible and modular

ADwin-Pro II

ADwin-Pro II :
Flexible and modular

ADwin-Gold II

ADwin-Gold II :
Fast and versatile


ADwin-X-A20 :
For small and large series