ADsim blockset – Simulink models in fast Real-Time

With the ADsim blockset, you easily run Simulink models on ADwin hardware systems in Real-Time with ‘µs’ cycle times, and with a ‘ns’ timing precision. With a few clicks only, just insert ADwin hardware I/O blocks into the model and build your own Real-Time model. After compilation, which takes a few seconds only, the model runs on the ADwin system at high speed in real-time, absolutely deterministic, and with a high timing precision. Typical models execution frequencies are hundreds of kHz, up to 500 kHz / 1 MHz.

The Simulink models are executed inside ADwin by a local system CPU, on a highly optimized multitasking Real-Time operating system. The Real-Time process cycle is adjustable in steps of 1 ns. Benchmark example: With a few clicks you run 8 × analog inputs + filter + controllers + analog outputs at 500 kHz.

ADsim is available for ADwin-Pro-II and ADwin-X-A20, and supports analog I/O, digital I/O, counter, encoder interfaces, CAN, Profibus®, Profinet®, EtherCat®, and many more. ADsim allows multiple trigger synchronization modes for a large application flexibility.

Typical ADwin & ADsim applications are test stand control and data acquisition, customized machine automation, dynamic component testing, End-of-Line (EOL) testing, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), rest-bus simulation and many more.

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Model with several subsystems, connected to ADsim blocks for analog inputs and outputs
Model with several subsystems, connected to ADsim blocks for analog inputs and outputs

ADlab toolbox – Data Acquisition (DAQ) for MATLAB

The toolbox ADlab for MATLAB provides a connection to ADwin systems, and offers fast data acquisition solutions from kHz up to MHz range. Pre-analysis of data in Real-Time, complex triggering, data reduction, as well as stimulation, waveform generation, and control, are typical applications. ADlab works in cooperation with ADsim in order to exchange Simulink model data with MATLAB Workspace or MATLAB GUI.

DAQ applications are built with ADbasic or ADsim, while ADlab offers the connection to MATLAB. Supported hardware signals are analog I/O, digital I/O, counter and encoder interfaces, CAN, Profibus®, Profinet®, EtherCat®, and many more.

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User interfaces for Simulink models

Graphical user interfaces can be created in various ways, depending on the requirements.

  • Using ADsimDesk, the Simulink model signals and parameters can be monitored, displayed, controlled or modified with a graphical user interface of this tool.
  • Using ADlab, data can be bi-directional exchanged with Real-Time Simulink models.
  • Using our standard ADwin driver, you can build your own user interface for compiled models in many common programming languages and environments. Since compiled code is royalty-free, you may distribute the compiled code to your customers.
  • With the common ADwin software ADtools and ADinspect you may monitor and control Simulink models.

Requirements for and Components of ADsim

From Mathworks Inc.:

  • Matlab  8.2 (R2013) or higher
  • Simulink 8.2 (R2013) or higher
  • Simulink Coder / Real-Time Workshop
  • Embedded Coder / Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder

From ADwin:

ADwin hardware for ADsim: ADwin-Gold IIIADwin hardware for ADsim: ADwin-Pro IIADwin hardware for ADsim: ADwin-X-A20
ADwin hardware for ADsim: ADwin-Gold III, ADwin-Pro II and ADwin-X-A20

MATLAB and Simulink are products of and/or are Registered to and/or are Trademarks from: The MathWorks, Inc. (USA)

ADsim Product info
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ADsim Application Fields

  • Test stand control and data acquisition
  • Customized machine automation
  • Dynamic component testing
  • End-of-Line (EOL) testing
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL)
  • Rest-bus simulation
  • Fast machine control applications
  • Experiment control (Physical world)
  • Automotive, Aerospace
  • Green Energy and White goods
  • Scientific Physics Experiments
  • Research applications and Prototype development

Provided I/Os

  • Parallel Analog I/Os
  • Digital I/Os
  • Counter, encoder, PWM
  • EtherCat®, DeviceNet®
  • Ethernet to PC
  • Standalone Option