06.2024 The software package (also for ADsim) is available for download. Included: Software package for ADwin-Gold III, software updates, software maintenance.

New: ADwin-Gold IIINew: ADwin-Gold III

03.2024 Versatile and fast: The new ADwin-Gold III provides 1 GHz computing power, 1 GB memory and 1 GBit/s Ethernet interface.


01.2024 The software package (also for ADsim) is available for download. Included: Footing for ADwin-Gold III, smaller software updates, software maintenance.

Update DIO32-TiCoUpdate for ADwin-Pro II-DIO-32-TiCo

11.2023 The module ADwin-Pro II-DIO-32-TiCo Rev. F provides bigger input and output FIFOs and enhanced control with FIFO edge output.


08.2023 The software package is available for download. Included: Software maintenance.

ADwin X-A20Profinet for ADwin X-A20

06.2023 Profinet-IRT is another fieldbus interface that can be used for ADwin-X-A20. The fieldbus slave allows clock-synchronous communication with high performance. Connections for copper cable (RJ-45) or fiber optic cable (SC-RJ) are available.

Gold IIEthernet/IP for ADwin-Gold II

04.2023 ADwin-Gold II is enhanced with a new fieldbus interface for Ethernet/IP. The slave interface opens up access to real-time Ethernet for automation technology, for example.

ADsim + T12Update for ADsimDesk

11.2022 ADsim version The GUI ADsimDesk provides everal new functionalities; software maintenance.

ADwinCADwinC – Real-Time with Visual Studio

05.2022 ADwinC enhances the development environment Visual Studio: Create C programs for ADwin systems with ease and flexibility, use direct access to all IOs, counters and interfaces.

Windows 11ADwin compatible to Windows 11

04.2022 ADwin software products are ready for the use with Windows 11. The real-time development environment ADbasic, the program package ADsim, the handy ADtools and the complete line-up of ADwin drivers are now compatible to Windows 11.

Update for Linux DriverUpdate for Linux Driver

01.2022 Update for the ADwin driver for Linux and Mac OS: The driver software supports ADwin-X-A20. Attention, the driver works with Ethernet data connection only (USB and Link are obsolete).


12.2021 The software package is available for download. Included: Software maintenance.

ADsim + T12ADsim supports ADwin-X-A20

11.2021 ADsim version New ADsim blocks open signal pathways in Simulink for real-time processing with ADwin-X-A20.

Update for PinoutsUpdate for Pinouts

09.2021 You have access to the complete overview of all pin assignments. All pins with description for any ADwin hardware, in any version.

ADsim + T12ADsim 3.0 even better now

04.2021 ADsim version Complete revision of the ADsim package with considerably improved performance and usability: Increased ADsim blockset, easy workflow in the real-time environment ADbasic, enhanced monitoring and online control in ADsimDesk.


01.2021 The software package is available for download. Included: Update for module ADwin-Pro II-Comp-16, software maintenance.

ADsim + T12ADsim supports MATLAB® R2020

09.2020 ADsim version MATLAB versions R2020a and R2020b are supported.


08.2020 The software package is available for download. Included: Help updated for TiCoBasic, ADlog and ADwin-Pro II.

Java UpdateJava Update

07.2020 Update for Java driver. Java supports ADwin-X-A20, especially zero-based arrays, software maintenance.

ADsim + T12New ADsim help files

07.2020 ADsim version Update of the Simulink online help. New ADsim blocks (Utilities T12).


12.2019 The software package is available for download. Included: Software maintenance.


09.2019 With ADwin-X-A20, there is a new device for applications in series products. It offers compact performance and numerous interfaces. ADwin-X-A20 is the basis for your OEM applications and can be adapted to the requirements of your series. Also supporting ADsim.

ADbasic Update for X-A20ADbasic Update for X-A20

09.2019 The software package is available for download. Included: operating system optimized for ADwin-X-A20, updates for drivers (Python, Java. .NET), updates for ADbasic and TiCoBasic, software maintenance.

Update to Framework 4.0Update to Framework 4.0

09.2019 The software package is available for download. Included: Update to Framework 4.0. Update of DasyLab driver. ADwin-X-A20 can be used in libraries; software maintenance.

ADsim + T12ADsim

09.2019 ADsim version The names of simulink blocks for ADwin variables can be automatically imported into ADbasic; software maintenance.


04.2019 The software package is available for download. Included: Documentation for processor T12.1, software maintenance.

ADbasic supports T12ADbasic supports T12

11.2018 The software package is available for download. Included: ADbasic supports processor T12.1 and module ADwin-Pro II-CAN-FD-2. Several enhancements in the development environment ADbasic.

JavaUpdate Java driver for T12

11.2018 The Java driver contains an update for the fast T12 processor. The ADwin driver, cost-free as usual, is now available for your download. Benefit from the features of the flagship processor!

PythonPython module available on Package index

08.2018 The current Python module is now available in the Python Package Index. The package is always kept up-to-date, making Python module updates conveniently easy.

ADsim with PythonADsim with Python

06.2018 ADsim version New Python driver, which can access signal values of ADsim models.


06.2018 The module CAN-FD-2 for ADwin-Pro II provides 2 interfaces for the improved CAN protocol. CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate) allows an faster bit rate: 8-times higher data rate and enhanced error detection.

ADsim + T12ADsim with T12

03.2018 The processor T12 enables fast real-time now even for big Simulink models. The model runs with absolute timing precision and predictability reaching sample rates up to 1 MHz.

Windows 10ADwin compatible to Windows 10

03.2017 ADwin software products are ready for the use with Windows 10. The real-time development environment ADbasic, the handy ADtools and the complete line-up of ADwin drivers are now compatible to Windows 10.

ADwin Driver for Linux / Mac OSNew ADwin Driver for Linux / Mac OS

03.2017 The ADwin software package for Linux 2.6 und Mac OS X 10.12 is online. The driver supports ADwin processor T12 now and provides several function improvements.

C-Driver: New version supports Multi-Threading

06.2015 The revised ADwin driver for C / C++ (version 2) supports multi-threading applications, which allows to access several ADwin systems in parallel. The driver also enables the data transfer of Double values from and to the processor T12.

Kallisté for ADwin - now for free


01.2015 "Kallisté for ADwin", an object-oriented development software dedicated to test engineers, is now provided free of charge to all ADwin users. The software package has access to ADwin hardware right from the start and allows data acquisition, test benches supervision, test data analysis, test reports and more.

Evaluate 6 SENT channels in parallel

Evaluate 6 SENT channels in parallel
Source: Petra Bork/

11.2014 The SENT input interface SENT-6 for ADwin-Pro II is a further step to automotive electronics. The module can evaluate SENT messages (fast channel and slow channel) on 6 channels in parallel.

AOut-TiCo: Outputs analog values independently

09.2014 The analog output modules AOut-4/16 and AOut-8/16 for ADwin-Pro II are now available as variant with a TiCo processor. The processor allows for individual data output routines on all 16 Bit channels and therefore disburdens the ADwin processor.

SENT4-Out: Signal Output

SENT4-Out: Signal output
Source: Rainer Sturm/

07.2014 The SENT output interface for ADwin-Pro II is our next step—after the SENT input module—to automotive electronics. The module can output SENT messages on 4 channels in parallel: Either an alterable message continuously or a sequence of freely defined SENT messages.

T12 mit 64 Bit-FPUNew Pro II- processor: CPU-T12

06.2014 The new processor Pro II-CPU-T12 convinces by Giga-performance: 1 Gigahertz clock, 1 Gigabyte main memory, 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface. All this makes the 64 Bit FPU 5 times faster than its predecessor CPU-T11. As a special feature the T12 can also run C code embedded into ADbasic code.

T11 mit Gigabit-EthernetPro II with Gigabit Ethernet and SATA memory

05.2014 With a new Gigabit Ethernet interface the T11 processor transfers data to the PC considerably faster. Optionally the CPU module is available with a USB or SATA memory device (up to 2 TB), which you can access from the T11 as well as from the Ethernet network.


04.2014 The new development environment Kallisté contains all tools data acquisition, test bench supervision and test data analysis. The environment is programmed graphically and may be enhanced by own modules. Kallisté can access ADwin hardware right from the start and is therefore its ideal software partner.

HSM-24VLS-Bus for Pro II enables up to 14,400 digital I/Os with 24 V

01.2014 The LS-2 module for ADwin-Pro II enables the access to 2 proprietary, bi-directional LS-busses with up to 15 bus members each. An available bus member is the HSM-24V module with 32 digital inputs and outputs for 24 volts, short-circuit proof.

Digital-KombimodulDigital multi I/O module for Pro II

12.2013 The multi I/O module MIO-D12 for ADwin-Pro II provides a variety of digital inputs and outputs: optically isolated inputs, transistor outputs, counters, and SSI decoder. The TiCo processor enables autonomous reactions to digital trigger signals and data output.

HSM-24VSerial communication via SPI-Master and SPI-Slave

11.2013 The Pro II module SPI-2 provides two interfaces, each freely configurable as SPI-Master or SPI-Slave. Bus devices are addressed via TTL-I/Os. The MISO / MOSI communication is configurable to a large extent.

Analog output with 50 MHzAnalog output with 50 MHz

10.2013 With a frequency of 50 MHz the Pro II module AOut-1/16 sets a new standard for the output of analog signales. The module supports creation of complex wave forms from segments. 32 TTL I/Os are provided in parallel to the analog output.

Comparator Module for Pro II

09.2013 The module Pro II-Comp-16 provides 16 channels with 50MHz comparators. If the applied analog signal exceeds a comparator threshold (adjustable from −1V .. +30V), the module sets the appropriate bit to 1 or 0.
A selectable hysteresis, hold of comparator values and filtering of error pulses permit precise processing even of unsteady or noisy signals.

ADwin supports avionic protocols
Source: Arno Bachert/

ADwin supports MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC-429

08.2013 With Pro II interfaces to MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC-429 ADwin provides access to two widespread avionic data protocols. For the MIL bus, the SMT bus monitor vis available. The ARINC interface offers one transmitter and two receivers, which can operated at the same time.

SENT: Interface to automotive electronic
Bild: Petra Bork/

SENT: Interface to Automotive Electronics

06.2013 The SENT receiver interface for ADwin-Pro II opens the next door to automotive electronics. The module can evaluate 4 SENT signals (fast channel and slow channel) in parallel The clock frequency is automaticyll recognized, different message formats CRC modes are selectable. As a special feature the check for specified sensor types can be selected.

Windows 8ADwin compatible to Windows 8

10.2012 ADwin software products are ready for the use with Windows 8. The real-time development environment ADbasic, the handy ADtools and the complete line-up of ADwin drivers are now compatible to Windows 8.

TiCo2 im Virtex6-FPGASignal patterns to the nanosecond

02.2012 Newest member of ADwin-Pro II family, that is the digital module Pro II-DIO32-TiCo2. The module and its Virtex-6-FPGA can detect or output digital signal patterns to a precision of 5 ns. The TiCo2 (Timing Controller) enables reaction times of less than 100 ns. In addition, user-definable signal voltage levels make the module applicable most flexible.

MIO-4 module: All-rounder with A/D, D/A , Counters, SSI and EtherCAT

12.2010 The multi I/O module MIO-4 for ADwin-Pro II is an autonomous allrounder for all types of signals, combining a fast reacting TiCo processor with analog and digital IOs. Thus, the intelligent plug-in module reacts independently to measurement values and events and disburdens the main processor, for example as fast controller, digital filter for analog signals, function generator or intelligent threshold monitor.

15 years of successful cooperation drawing to a close

Vertriebszusammenarbeit mit Keithley endet01.2010 We like to thank Keithley Instruments for 15 years of successful cooperation.
The distribution of ADwin systems via Keithley Instruments comes to an end at the beginning of April 2010. With immediate effect, ADwin customers can benefit from the advantages of direct delivery, including both our qualified hardware support and professional assistance for software applications.

Windows 7ADwin now compatible with Windows 7

10.2009 Jäger Messtechnik has updated all ADwin software products for Windows 7. Starting with ADbasic, the user interface for development of real-time test and control systems, coming to the handy ADtools as well as the broad range of ADwin drivers, all are now compatible to Windows 7.
Download new version

ADwin-Pro II: Analog modules 16 bit

02.2009 ADwin-Pro II has got new analog input modules with 4 or 8 channels, equipped with a 16 bit ADC each. Using burst instructions the module performs complete measurement sequences on its own – the sampling rate being up to 4 MHz. Measurement values can optionally be buffered in the on-module memory with 256 MB size.

ADsim - Simulink runs on ADwin hardwareADsim makes your Simulink model run on ADwin

10.2008 You want to test your Simulink model on a hardware? ADsim combines your model with ADwin's real-time capacity. At the push of a button you compile the model, transfer it to the ADwin system, and the model runs with pre-defined speed, absolutely exact and predictable.

ADbasic 5.0ADbasic 5 - more comfort for real-time

11.2007 More than a new version: the real-time development environment ADbasic now ships as version 5 featuring a large number of improvements. Automatic code completion, display of declarations as well as code snippets are available now - real-time can be so easy.

WebinterfaceCheck out your test stand in your browser

10.2007 Beginning from autumn 2007, ADwin systems with Ethernet interface are delivered with a built-in web interface. This allows the operation and visualization of entire test stands from your web browser - world-wide.

Gold IINew dimension for compact real-time

06.2007 The ADwin-Gold family has got a fast new member. The ADwin-Gold II offers 10 times more calculation power, higher accuracy, a large number of interfaces and has the TiCo on board.

Windows VistaADwin compatible to Vista

03.2007 In time for CeBIT 2007, Jäger Messtechnik has updated all ADwin software products for Windows Vista. Starting with ADbasic, the user interface for development of real-time test and control systems, coming to the handy ADtools as well as the broad range of ADwin drivers, all are now compatible to Windows Vista.

Apple supportedADwin real-time for Apple Mac OS X

11.2006 Our new ADwin driver supports Apple Mac OS X. As known from Windows, Linux and Java, also Apple users working with C or LabVIEW now easily access ADwin devices and benefit from precise real-time functionality - with microsecond accuracy.

HSM-24VUp to 480 24 V Digital I/Os for ADwin-L16

07.2006 ADwin-L16's I/O capacity can be extended by up to 15 modules wih 32 digital 24 V inputs and outputs each. The I/Os are short-circuit-proof and can be configured in groups of eight. The HSM-24V can be mounted on the classic DIN rail and is equipped with screw terminals for signal connection.

ADlogADlog - the data logger for ADwin

06.2006 With ADlog you use your ADwin system flexibly and without programming effort for recording, visualization and evaluation of large data amounts with sample rates up to 4.8 MHz.

ScilabADwin driver for Scilab

06.2006 ADwin supports the scientific open-source program Scilab, working with the operating systems Windows and Linux.

Pro II AInAnalog modules for ADwin-Pro II

06.2006 The analog modules for ADwin-Pro II offer resolutions up to 18 -bit and speeds up to 50 MHz. You can store up to 256 MB of data on the modules.

Pro IIADwin-Pro II runs 3 times faster with the T11 processor

05.2006 Develop new applications with the ADwin-Pro system using the completely new Pro-II bus and the T11 processor.

Active thermocouple module Pro-TC-8-Iso

10.2004 The Pro-TC-8-ISO module processes thermocouple signals directly and provides the thermovoltage or the temperature in °C oder °F. Suitable for thermocouples of the types E, J, K, N, R, S, T.

Gold SubDADwin-Gold with D-Sub connectors

02.2003 The ADwin-Gold system with D-SUB connectors for inputs and outputs. Optionally available: Gold-CAN with interfaces for CAN, RS232 / RS485 and SSI-encoders.

Pro-COMP-16Comparator module Pro-Comp-16

02.2002 The comparator input board for ADwin-Pro has 16 digital channels with individually adjustable switching thresholds, perfect for precise switching even when you have noisy signals.

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