Your ADwin system becomes a data logger

ADlog main window
ADlog during data logging

With ADlog, you use ADwin-Pro, ADwin-Gold and ADwin-light-16 flexibly for recording, visualizing and evaluation of large data amounts without programming effort.

ADlog offers support in acquiring your measuring data right from the start to you. The comfortable graphical operation lets you quickly set up ADlog for operation. Simply load a standard configuration or make the ADlog settings exactly fit your measuring needs.

Long term measurements made easy

ADlog automatically and continually measures with overall sample rates up to 4.8 MHz (e.g. 32 analog channels @ 150 kHz each), the data are transferred with up to 8 MB/s to the PC. Besides the main windows, 8 diagram windows for zooming and monitoring of single channels are available. Calculated channels can be created by combining or filtering measuring channels and can be displayed online. Limit values as well as pre- and post-trigger threshold values can be set according to your needs.

All data can be written to your hard disk continuously even when the graphical display is stopped. The maximum file size is adjustable. Multiple files are automatically numbered consecutively by ADlog. Excel, DIAdem, ASCII- and binary file formats are available.

Die ADlog functions

  • Graphical and numerical Display
  • Data formats for Excel, DIAdem, ASCII, binary
  • Adjustable file size, automatic file numbering
  • Pre and post trigger, limit value monitoring
  • Online mathematics
  • Butterworth- and Box-Filtering
  • Min / max detection
  • Integration, differentiation
ADlog Hauptfenster
ADlog sub-window with chart and numerical display