ADwin-Gold, standard version

With its compact metal enclosure the ADwin-Gold system can be used in various applications, either as desktop unit, in control enclosures, or with a notebook as mobile system. With the 12 V power supply in-vehicle measurements can easily be made.

The ADwin-Gold system is connected via Ethernet or USB to a computer or notebook.

Block Diagram of ADwin-Gold (Click to enlarge)
ADwin-Gold, block diagram

The ADwin-Gold provides powerful and compact system extensions for fast real-time applications. A SHARC-DSP with high computing power is used as in the ADwin-light-16 and ADwin-Pro systems.

ADwin-Gold standard features

  • CPU: SHARC-DSP (Analog Devices), 32 bit, 256 kB DSP-RAM, floating point unit
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 16 analog inputs 14 bit 0.5 µs or 16 bit 5 µs
  • 2 analog outputs 16 bit
  • 32 configurable digital I/O's
  • internal timer
  • trigger input
  • BNC sockets for the analog channels, D-SUB sockets optionally

ADwin-Gold options

  • ADwin-Gold-D / Gold-CAN
    Gold-D: All inputs and outputs are provided on D-Sub connectors, also the analog inputs (instead of BNC sockets).
  • Gold-CAN: 2 CAN (high-speed oder low-speed), 2 RS-232 / RS-485, 4 interfaces for SSI encoders
  • Gold-CO1: 4 individually configurable 32-bit counters for the following modes: event counter, period duty cycle measurement, up/down counter as incremental encoder (A/B) or analysis of PWM signals
  • Gold-DA: 6 additional analog outputs
  • Gold-MEM64: 64 MB RAM
  • Gold-Boot: Bootloader for stand-alone operation; only in combination with Ethernet interface

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You will find the ADwin-Gold options in our product overview (PDF pdf, 930 kB)