24 V level with HSM-24V

The module HSM-24V provides 32 digital inputs/outputs for 24 V level and links ADwin up to e. g. the world of PLC-like signals.

Via an ADwin LS bus interface up to 15 HSM modules may be operated with an ADwin system. For example, ADwin-light-16 can be extended by up to 480 digital channels using HSM modules. ADwin-Gold II can be operated with 960 extra digital channels, and ADwin-Pro I and ADwin-Pro II can even deal with up to 14,400 channels.

The module HSM-24V is designed for industrial use in a switch cabinet and is easily snatched on to the top hat rail. The plug-in blocks of binding posts considerably facilitate the input / output wiring in the control cabinet. The module is run with a supply voltage of 19 V… 29 V DC as is common with switch cabinets.

The 32 channels can be set to inputs or outputs in groups of 8. For each channel there is a LED indicating the real voltage level (High or Low). Each output may deliver up to 150 mA and is designed short-circuit proof, input channels are designed over-current proof.

From ADbasic, the digital data of the 24 V channels be accessed easily.

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Views des HSM-24V

You will find the HSM-24V options in our Product Overview (PDF pdf, 930 kB)